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All it takes for YOU to end up in a pair of handcuffs is one single allegation. The officer might not see a single injury on the person who called for help and their story might not even make sense, but the law is clear that the police MUST arrest someone if there is an allegation of family violence. Many times the police document alleged injuries of the accuser but conveniently fail to take photos of the person accused of the crime even when there are injuries to both parties.  The truth of the matter is this: someone is going to get arrested and charged, even if both people participated in a fight.

In some cases, domestic violence charges are part of a bigger issues; a parent might falsely accuse the other parent of assault in order to gain the upper hand in a child custody case.

Whatever actually occurred, whether it was your fault or the other parties’ fault, or the fault is shared, you DO have rights. At Gireud | Hobbs, PLLC, our San Antonio domestic violence defense attorneys are here to protect you and your rights. Review our case results page and you will see that we have had success with many assault family violence cases. We have had numerous Assault Family Violence cases dismissed against our clients. Call our office at (210) 787-3916 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

Criminal Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

There are a number of ways that domestic violence can be charged in the State of Texas. Depending on your criminal history and the severity of the alleged injuries, you could end up in a felony or a misdemeanor court. If you are convicted on one of these domestic violence charges, you could receive a jail or prison sentence and stiff fines. The court could require you to attend counseling and anger management classes. It could even affect a child custody case, your constitutional right to possess a firearm or ammunition, or your immigration status.

There are other criminal charges that often accompany a charge of a domestic violence charge, these include:

  • Harassment;
  • Stalking;
  • Interference with a 911 call;
  • Disturbing the Peace;
  • Offensive contact;
  • Continuous violence against the family (two or more assaults in 12 months);
  • Violation of a protective order

Building a Strong Defense

The prosecutor may try to bundle multiple charges together in order to ensure a conviction on at least one charge or bully you into accepting a plea bargain by offering to “dismiss a few charges” for a plea on one case.  Don’t fall for this trap!  Any plea on a family violence case will severely affect you for the rest of your life.

For example, interfering with a 911 call is seldom charged by itself, but is combined with other charges such as offensive contact or assault family violence. One or both charges may be hard to prove. Was the situation really an emergency or just an argument? Our attorneys force the prosecution to make its case. If they can’t, charges may be dropped or the case may be won in court.

Sometimes people just need time to cool down or to find another way to work out their problem. We can work to amend or pull back a protective order. Our South Texas family violence lawyers have even been known to go to night court (midnight to 8 am) to appear before the judge before an order is issued or to amend an order that’s already in place when necessary.

Another thing we do is to encourage our clients to show their commitment to their families by taking voluntary anger management classes (when appropriate). Being proactive in this way can have a positive result both in legal terms and in how the family functions.

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The most important thing we can do is to ensure that our client’s rights are protected. If you are facing any type of domestic violence charge in San Antonio, contact Gireud | Hobbs, PLLC to schedule a free consultation. Call our office so that we can fight to have the charges dismissed (210) 787-3916.

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