Child Sexual Abuse

There is often a rush to judgment in cases of child sexual assault. At Gireud | Hobbs, PLLC, we know that child sexual abuse cases are not always black and white. They require investigation to get at the truth.

If you are facing these serious criminal charges, it’s important to have a defense lawyer who is willing and able to put in the effort needed to uncover the facts. The stakes are very high. The alternative is often years in prison, a lifetime of registration on the sex offender registry, and the loss of your good name.

Defense Against Child Sexual Assault Charges

At the San Antonio, Texas, law firm of Gireud | Hobbs, PLLC, our attorneys have the skills, experience and resources to defend even the most daunting child sexual assault cases. If you have been charged, or think you may be charged with sexual assault of a child, get legal help now. Call Gireud | Hobbs, PLLC, at (210) 787-3916 to schedule a consultation.

Penalties if Convicted of Child Sexual Assault

First-time offenders found guilty and sentenced to prison will be required to serve at least 50 percent of the sentence before being paroled.

If you have previous child sexual assault convictions, you could be sentenced to life in prison.

The penalties are especially severe if the court convicts you of sexual assault against a child under age six, or a child under age 14 if you were a repeat offender. Known as super aggravated sexual assault, you will face a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Teens and Child Sexual Assault Charges

One of the most damaging effects of our societal fixation on sex abuse has been the damage it can do to young people – teens and young adults – who are in a relationship (especially when a parent does not approve). Charges can be brought when:

  • Sexual assault charges can be brought against an older teen or young adult if that person was younger by more than three years
  • Consensual sex between teens resulted in the birth of a child
  • There was consensual sex between adults and teens using fake IDs to seem older

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